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We Want to Make Your Job Easier

Claim Care’s extended services and exceptional customer service allow school districts to minimize their billing workload while maximizing their billing revenue. Claim Care takes responsibility for many imperative administrative tasks that these reimbursement programs demand while most other vendors require these of district employees. Other vendors often offer sophisticated software but limited service, which is proven to be highly ineffective with the exceedingly detailed and demanding billing process. Claim Care’s attentive support, constant communication, and extremely thorough claim management ensure maximum amounts of reimbursement revenue. Our comprehensive services as a premium vendor result in the greatest financial benefit to the district.

From Our Districts:

“I highly recommend Claim Care for assistance with the many needs associated with Medicaid direct therapy claiming. They work hard. They’re caring individuals who do the right thing every time.”


“Friendly and very quick to respond to correspondence. They’re always available by email and prompt in getting an answer back to us. We’re very pleased with the services Claim Care, Inc. provides.”


“I have really appreciated all of your help and services. You have a wonderful company and I would recommend Claim Care to anyone.”


“Just wanted to thank all of the staff at Claim Care for your outstanding service!...Thank you for the well wishes! I have truly enjoyed working with your company. Please know that I will be the first to recommend your services. I DO hope our paths will cross again!”


“I will miss you all. You were always so helpful and pleasant. You never appeared to get frustrated with me when I made errors.”


“I always appreciate the double check and the extra care! I always feel like you ladies are just sitting down the hall from me, but just never have a chance to get a cup of coffee together!!”


A Reputation for Excellence

Exclusive to Missouri, Claim Care’s extensive client list of Missouri public schools is the direct result of positive word-of-mouth recommendations. We have built a reputation for exceptional customer service and expert knowledge of school-based Medicaid reimbursement programs. To illustrate, Claim Care is currently facilitating MO HealthNet direct billing of the Direct IEP Therapy Program for nearly half (41%) of all actively billing/participating school districts.

Claim Care has been providing unsurpassed Medicaid direct billing services to Missouri school districts since 1997, a decade or longer than any other Medicaid direct billing vendor in the state of Missouri.

Care: It's what we do.

Care. It’s in our name, because it’s what we do. And we love what we do! We genuinely love getting to know you, and we love helping you help your district. We know that each of you is a person, and that every situation is unique, so we make listening our priority. We know we do our best work when we understand our clients, their needs, and the needs of their districts.

We’re here to listen and help—here to make your life easier. We’re here to care

Areas of Expertise

Direct IEP Therapy Program

DESE Local Tax Effort Billback/Public Placement Fund

DESE High Need Fund Program


Let us help!

School-based Medicaid reimbursement programs present an essential opportunity for districts to recoup critical funding. This funding allows districts to further special services and resources in order to provide for children with special needs in Missouri.

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