Our Team of Experts:
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Team Leadership

Meet Stacy L. Dye

Founder and President

Stacy brings more than 36 years of Medicaid healthcare claiming experience working in the school, office, hospital, and transportation sectors

Recognizing the complex issues facing school administrators and their therapy providers, Stacy developed and implemented a cost-effective, specialized system in 1997 to address the specific needs of Missouri public schools claiming Medicaid reimbursement through the Direct IEP Therapy Program. When not at the office, Stacy enjoys spending time at the lake with her family and spoiling her grand-children. She is a devout coffee drinker and loves traveling and experiencing new places and things. Stacy’s compassionate nature and long-term dedication to Missouri school districts are the driving forces behind Claim Care’s services. Claim Care is also more than just an office. It’s a family. The women who choose to work here are committed to providing the best possible service. They understand the funding these programs generate is critical for districts and students. These women care deeply about their clients and are devoted to the work that they do on their behalf.

Claim Care Experts

Lauren Bondy

Representing the second generation, Lauren has been with Claim Care for 13 years. She leads Local Tax Effort Bill Back/Public Placement Fund Administration and Provider Enrollment management. In her spare time, she enjoys going to the lake with her husband and two girls or working on their family farm.

Dana Billings

Dana has 14 years experience with Claim Care serving as the Secure Site Administrator and an eligibility specialist. Dana is a professional photographer and avid  outdoors woman. She can typically be found hiking or kayaking with her husband and two kiddos.

Janet Huffman

Janet joined Claim Care two years ago and helps with claim verification and data management. Her outgoing spirit and positivity liven up the office. Janet considers herself a professional shopper and loves spending her free time watching her grandkids play.

Lizzie Warbritton, Weenie Dog

Lizzie the office dog has been with Claim Care for ten years. Her duties include boosting office morale and “smiling” at the UPS man. She enjoys lounging in her office chair and mooching food during lunch hour. Her human is Jenny.

Anna Willingham

Having 15 years experience with Claim Care, Anna leads in claim administration and coordinates provider/participant education. She is highly valued by clients for her friendly and expedient service. Anna enjoys tackling new DIY projects and golfing with her husband and two children.

Becky McCorkell

Becky has been with Claim Care for one year and assists with claim administration, roster management and eligibility determination. She is an asset to the team for her exceptional attention to detail and her kind, helpful nature.  Becky is a talented hair stylist and enjoys spending time exploring and traveling with her husband.

Jenny Warbritton

Jenny has been a part of the Claim Care team for 11 years. She assists with claim administration and special projects management. Jenny enjoys reading poolside, traveling on mission trips, and cuddling with her weenie dog.


Care: It’s what we do.

Care. It’s in our name, because it’s what we do. And we love what we do! We genuinely love getting to know you, and we love helping you help your district. We know that each of you is a person, and that every situation is unique, so we make listening our priority. We know we do our best work when we understand our clients, their needs, and the needs of their districts.

We’re here to listen and help—here to make your life easier. We’re here to care

Let us help!

School-based Medicaid reimbursement programs present an essential opportunity for districts to recoup critical funding. This funding allows districts to further special services and resources in order to provide for children with special needs in Missouri.

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